In the age of the “Internet in your pocket”, where accessing  cyberspace is no more difficult than making a mobile telephone call, we at Christ the King Boys National School understand that technology often outpaces our knowledge of how it works.

With the advance in technology, the ability to access knowledge and risks that technology poses has increased.

At Christ the King Boys National School we endeavour to protect our students from the risks technology and the internet pose while using these means to facilitate our ability to learn about the world we are in.

While we do all we can to protect of boys which includes not allowing mobile devices to be used in the school and filtering internet websites, we understand  that using these technologies safely  often exceeds the knowledge of the parents students alike.

To equip you with the means of using the internet safely, we encourage you to become familiar with the contents of these Internet Safety Websites.

The ISPAI Service was launched in November 1999 to provide an anonymous reporting service to Internet Users who accidentally uncover illegal content on the Internet, particularly Child Sexual Abuse Material.

Internet safety advice and activities for children developed by the National Centre for Technology in Education (NCTE), the organisation which operates the SII Awareness Node in Ireland.

Childline provides an online advice and counselling service for children under 18 where life problems (whether online or real world) may be discussed in strict confidence. Childline operates the SII Helpline.

Think b4 u click

SII partner NCTE and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties have jointly developed the “Think B4U Click” resource for the Junior Certificate CSPE curriculum. The educational materials aim to teach children to guard their privacy, to be aware of the issues facing them when using the Internet and to recognise that appropriate behaviour is at the core of safer Internet use.

Childnet International

Childnet International – the children’s Internet charity committed to helping to make the Internet a great and safe place for children. The site provides lots of useful tips for safer Internet use.


Cyber Safe Ireland

CyberSafeIreland is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 2015, that works to empower children, parents and teachers to navigate the online world in a safe and responsible manner. Our founders have backgrounds in cybercrime investigation, law enforcement, forensic psychology, online child protection, academia and the not-for-profit sector. As parents of young children, we can see on a daily basis how technology is going to play an increasingly important part of their futures. It will be used more widely in schools and even a fairly basic mobile phone these days will allow a child the ability to take risks almost unthinkable 20 years ago. We want our children to be able to embrace the opportunities for learning and enjoyment that technology can deliver, but we recognise that as parents and educators we have a responsibility to equip them with the tools to stay safe and avoid harm.